Superior engineering solutions


Planning & Design

Inception services are fundamental to the success of any project, as any shortcomings in this phase could compromise the entire project from many fronts. From engineering studies to procurement strategies, assembling of teams, concept development, internal and external approvals, our attention to detail lays the foundation for a successful project.


Preparation of Drawings

On completion of inception stages, our focus switches onto producing best-in-class preliminary designs, detailed designs and construction drawings, facilitating all necessary reviews and approvals all the way through.


Construction Documentation

Meticulous management of construction documents ensures accuracy of cost estimates as well as effective management of any changes that become necessary as the project develops. We have in place systems that enable us to manage this important process with absolute precision.


Project Administration

At the peak of activity in any project, keeping everything under check can be quite daunting for clients. Our project administration service ensures that scope, quality, cost and schedule deviations from the programme are well managed and that all conflicts arising are timeously addressed.


Project Completion

Proper project completion is not only necessary to assess if the final product meets specification and objectives, but is also a good source of intelligence for future projects. It is also a good foundation for after sales support. Our project completion services prioritise, among other things, product acceptance, a smooth handover and proper organisation of technical, financial and other records.


Investigation & Reporting Services

Possessing multidisciplinary capabilities, we are not only trusted with development of new structures, but also assessment of existing structures for safety, maintenance, insurance and compliance purposes.


Our Markets

We have been assigned by owners and developers in real estate to design:

  • Private residences
  • Town houses and cluster developments
  • Multi-storey apartments
  • Office buildings
  • Retail facilities.

Officials in various public sector institutions have reaffirmed our capabilities by commissioning us to design structures for various forms of public infrastructure including:

  • Schools
  • Roads
  • Township housing.

Oil & Gas houses have trusted us to design:

  • Storage facilities
  • Rail sidings
  • Gantry structures
  • Access platforms
  • Tank foundations
  • Tank bunds
  • Service station canopies.